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Hi, I’m Emily Coyte. Thanks for taking a casual interest in my life.

I graduated from Biochemistry at Bristol University a few years back and loved it, so I’m super-happy to be working in the teaching labs there now, helping the students with the practicals and the theoretical aspects behind them.

I originally picked biochem primarily because I knew I was competent in biology and chemistry and kind of mashed the two together but knowing that I was going to be learning about the cells and fundamental reactions that separates life from non-life certainly kept me going, even with imminent 9am lectures!

I initiated Memetic Drift because I get kinda twitchy if I haven’t written anything for a while, and kinda just love talking about science and shizz, because it’s awesome! I have another blog called Sciamour which has been unloved for over a year now but contains a few cool bits about influenza etc, if you’re interested. However it was a bit too serious for what I want right now, and felt a fresh start was in order, something with a nerdy spin on it.

Woop! I’ve been interviewed by the Speaking of Science website about what I get up to and my thoughts on the field of science communication so far. http://speakingofscience.juliegould.net/science-communication/speaking-to-emily-coyte/

When I’m not working or writing, semi-productive things I like to do include learning to be less awful at coding and image manipulation and exercise. When I’m satisfied with my How Not to Fail at Life plan for the day, maybe I’ll watch YouTube or Star Trek or Adventure Time and perhaps cross-stitch or level up some Pokémon. Books, karate, Xbox and mindless scrolling through meme sites also feature heavily in my life, as do cats whenever possible.


Em x

Want to chat? Find me on Twitter as @EmilyCoyte or email me eccoyte@gmail.com. Or post a comment on the blog somewhere, of course!


Note: Becky was a regular contributor to Memetic Drift before final year PhD and a wide plethora of event organisation made her step back. She’s written some seriously good posts if you want to venture to some of the earlier MD posts.



Thank you for taking the time to come and visit our blog, I hope you enjoy it.

Like Emily, I graduated in 2011 with a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Bristol. Between the penultimate and final year of my degree I spent a year on placement working in a laboratory on my own research project, where I realized a career in science was the career for me. I am currently in my second year of a PhD in Biochemistry/Cell Biology, also at the University of Bristol.

Science communication is hobby and a passion, and I like to get as involved as humanly possible in the small amount of time my PhD does not cover! I am a registered STEM Ambassador, and regularly volunteer for science festivals and outreach activities. Read about a workshop I helped run at the British Science Festival last year here.

One area of science communication I’ve been meaning to get more involved with for a while now is science writing, which is the reason I wanted to contribute to a blog. I sometimes find I’m all excited about something science-y and don’t have someone around to get excited about it with. Mix that with meeting the wonderful Emily Coyte, and Memetic Drift became a reality!

I’ll mostly be writing posts on science topics that interest me, and I’ll also slide in the occasional bit about my PhD and my day-to-day life as a scientist.

Outside of science-related activities there’s a good chance you’ll find me jogging around Bristol, gaming on the Xbox, hiking or baking.

If you’d like to contact me, find me on Twitter @Becky_Brooks6


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