Be Curious with Ross Exton!


Becky’s on holiday this week so I thought I’d invade her blog-space by showing you something else I get up to – writing science videos for Ross Exton.

Ross is a good friend of mine who works for the science centre At-Bristol where I interned and volunteer. His main job is to give hands-on demonstrations and presentations, but he’s recently also been put in change of making videos for At-Bristol. He has his own YouTube channel which he’s spending more time on now after a crazy few months as a Blue Peter presenter finalist!

Where I come in is with the Be Curious videos which serve as introductory springboards on a given topic. The series was Ross’s idea and he does all the presenting, filming and editing, and I write the scripts. Be Curious about Bones was released today, and I also scripted Be Curious about Stars and Be Curious about DNA. Feel free to leave likes and suggestions for new videos, and you can subscribe to Ross Exton’s channel for more.

Em x


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