PS4 vs Xbox One: a Semi-Casual Gamer’s Perspective

PS4 vs Xbox One image
Is there really any competition? I try to be objective… Source: IGN Asia (click for link)

EDIT: I’ve just seen the news from Microsoft that the Xbox One will no longer restrict used games, nor will it require a once-a-day internet connection to play games. This is certainly a step in what I feel to be the right direction (read: away from the “wrong” direction), and would certainly have evened the score out somewhat had I written the post with this new knowledge in mind. See the original post from Microsoft here:

Hey all,

My friend has a gaming blog and he asked me to provide my opinion on the PS4 and the Xbox-One now all the hype (positive and negative) from E3 has sort of died down a little and the facts are starting to come through.

I won’t post the full article here because it’s not even a little bit sciencey (yeah, yeah, the Hawkeye Initiative one wasn’t sciencey either but shhh about that…) but you can find and read it here:

I’ve tried to be objective on many points but it is primarily an opinion piece – which you are free to disagree with!

I understand Becky has a new science post coming out tomorrow so check back soon!

Em x


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